The Parents Association (TPA) of The Renaissance International School is a volunteer organization created to serve the school and TRIS families by providing opportunities for parent and caregiver involvement. Our goals are to:

• Build community among parents, teachers, and staff

• Contribute to the enrichment of our children’s lives by supporting TRIS events  and programs through fundraising and volunteer activities

• Facilitate regular communication between the school administration, the TPA and the parent body

• Support community service efforts locally and globally

The TPA relies on the generous contribution of time and resources from the entire parent community. All of our efforts have the ultimate goal of enhancing the TRIS program and building the highest quality experience for the children and their families.

The TPA hosts several events throughout the year to introduce families to each other and provide a sense of community among parents, caregivers, children, teachers, and staff. The events include: Fall and Spring BBQs, a Teacher Appreciation Dinner, and Earth Day Celebration.

The TPA organizes volunteers to support school events such as Back-to-School nights, New Family Orientation, musical performances, and the Art Show and organizes parties for the children such as the annual Halloween Party among other events.

Each year the TPA engages in fundraising activities to support important school programs. Past fundraising efforts have made it possible to launch a school library, workshops for racial and gender socialization, increase the number of field trips and assemblies, construct a new playground, initiate and support a physical education program and financial aid program as well as upgrade technology for teachers and parents.

The TPA also facilitates important community service efforts in our local community, the Dimond District, Oakland and around the world. Usually these efforts are student-driven with support from the parents and have shown great results for our children and the project beneficiaries.

Finally, the TPA strives to facilitate timely communication between the parent community and school administration through regular newsletter and email updates, community meetings and regular meetings with the administration.

The TPA represents the diverse community of The Renaissance International School. We support the school’s efforts to enhance the educational experience through the understanding and mutual respect of a community of diverse families. Our differences may be cultural, ethnic, religious, intellectual, economic, ideological or political but each of these qualities is integral to the identity we form as individuals, and all are essential to creating a vibrant school community composed of individuals with unique perspectives and backgrounds. We must all commit to a policy of inclusion, respect for difference, and fairness to build a foundation for our children and their school.

The TPA can only achieve these goals with the help and support of TRIS families. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Stephanie Masquelier or Malaak Sills.


2016-2017 TPA Board Members and Coordinators:

Co-Presidents, Stephanie Masquelier and Heather Korzilius

The TPA Co-Presidents share responsibility for communicating between board members and the school administration, organizing and overseeing board decisions and communicating with parents/caregivers.

Secretary, Malaak Sills

The Secretary is responsible for keeping records of Board actions, including overseeing the taking of minutes at all board meetings, sending out meeting announcements, distributing copies of minutes and the agenda to each Board member, and assuring that records are maintained.

Treasurer, Ruth Long

The Treasurer is responsible for managing the TPA’s $5,000 annual operating budget and up to $80,000 funds raised in various fundraising activities.

Community Outreach, Shaunte Mears-Watkins

Community Outreach goals are:

• Improve communication and relationships among TRIS community, its Dimond District neighbors and the City of Oakland (Community Outreach).

• Encourage and support community service opportunities within the school environment as well as for TRIS families outside of school (Community Service).

• Support TRIS in service learning efforts as they prepare children to be thoughtful and active citizens (Service Learning).

Celebration Lead, Claudia Mabrie

The Celebration Lead is responsible for organizing TPA sponsored events. There are usually four additional Events Coordinators who will work with the lead together as a team.

Some events highlights include:

• Fall and Spring BBQ

• Children’s Halloween Parties

• Teacher Appreciation Dinner

• Annual Gala Fundraiser

Fundraising Coordinators, Board Officers Jennifer Griffith Wayland and Kristen Ogles

The Fundraising Team is responsible for planning, overseeing and coordinating TRIS fundraising events.

Social Lead, Hillary Flowers

The Social Lead is responsible for welcoming new families and coordinating community events and parent volunteers for school events.

Marketing Lead, Aimee Reeder

The Marketing Lead is responsible for collaborating with the internal and external community to further develop the TRIS network and funders by researching and developing marketing opportunities and plans.

To find out more about the TPA and how to get involved, please contact us.Meetings are open to all parents and we look forward to your participation.

Come join us!