Marissa Matthews was a Montessori child from ages 2.5-11. She studied opera as an undergraduate and received a B.A. in Music from UC Berkeley.  After a couple years teaching English in Japan, she found her calling and came back to Montessori. She now holds an AMI diploma for ages 0-6 from the Montessori Institute of San Diego and a M.Ed. with a Montessori specialization from the University of San Diego. She still loves music and sings with the Oakland Jazz Choir. She is also learning to play the ukulele, which the children in the classroom greatly enjoy. She has two children of her own and loves to spend her time with her family singing, gardening, and camping. She joined TRIS in 2016.

Olga Morataya immi­grated to the United States from Guatemala in 1995. Since then she has acquired the Child Devel­op­ment Assis­tant Per­mit and the Child Devel­op­ment Assis­tant Teacher per­mit and has run her own in-​home day­care pro­gram. Olga has also taught children’s Chris­t­ian edu­ca­tion for over 15 years in Guatemala and in Oak­land. Olga has been at TRIS since 2008.